One simple verse can change everything for your 2019 worship ministry big picture

So it’s the new year, and it’s time to take a deep breath before jumping in. Wow—looking at the past year–or really several years in my own life, it’s truly been a wild ride. I’m excited to be moving into some–at least for me–tremendously exciting times. New location, new focus, new blog… This year really appears to culminate all that the Lord has brought me through and done in me to this point.

I hope your year holds similar promise!

So how will this coming year unfold? I have no clue!

Well, honestly I do have a few ideas. And I’ll tell you about them over the year.

But hey, it’s the beginning of the year and I though a great place to start would be picking a verse to move forward by. Kind of a guiding light.

This is one of those Big Deal verses because in one small package it provides the “why” behind so much that we try to accomplish in worship ministry. It provides the reason for getting up early, the reason for practicing, the reason for supporting ministry partners, the reason for improving, the reason for memorizing, the reason for buying gear, the reason for serving.

Actually, I don’t see how I can serve well without having this verse as a prime directive.

I though you may find it worth considering, too.

I’m a fan of Romans 12:1 (New American Standard Version):

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

Allow me break that down a bit.

Therefore… Because. Because of who God is, because of all that He has done, because He created us, because He saved us, because we’re more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord, because he goes before us, because He enables us through His Spirit, because we owe Him everything, every breath, every thought, every emotion, every deed, every grumble, every irritation, every single note. Therefore.

I urge you… Beg you, command you, implore you, use every bit of influence I have with you, I’d make you if I could. I urge you.

brethren… My family in Christ, my partners in ministry, my sword-brothers and sword-sisters, my teammates, my co-laborers for the Gospel, my companions for all eternity, those I rise and fall with, those who have seen me fail and succeed, those who know me intimately and witnessed the best and worst of me, those who have my back. Brethren.

by the mercies of God… Through God’s redeeming love, by His tenderness– His unending lovingkindness, through His tenacious commitment to never stop calling us into all He created us to become. By the mercies of God.

to present… To offer, show, display, to reveal, place on the altar without taking it back. Present.

your bodies… Your flesh, presence, core, the container holding the compilation of all that makes you who you are: your strength, your passion, heart, mind, resources, drive, vision, relationships, scars, wounds, strengths, joys, your identity. Your bodies.

a living… Alive, today, now, ongoing, vivacious, growing, continual. Living.

and holy… Righteous, pure, untainted, set apart from the muck of this world, worthy of the purity of God Almighty Himself. Holy.

sacrifice… Freely given, handed over, without struggle, beyond my control, unreserved, offering, irretrievable gift, no longer mine. Sacrifice.

acceptable to God… Owed to Him, His fair due, pleasing to Him, approved, received and cherished by Him. Acceptable to God.

which is your spiritual… Ultimate, complete, beyond the limitations of this world, your true eternal reality. Your spiritual.

service… Reasonable action, consecrated call, job, overwhelming mission. Service.

of worship. Attributing to God all the worth—the value—to Him for who He is and what He has done, more than attributing, more than giving mental assent, more than lip service, but laying down all that there is in grateful and humble recognition of Jesus.

Isn’t that’s a great nutshell for why we do what we do?

Here’s Romans 12:1 again.

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.

For me, this verse encapsulates in a few simple words so much that’s core to serving in worship ministry. Actually, I can’t think of much activity that isn’t covered in this short sentence.

Doesn’t that sound like a great place to start the year?

Well, I’m excited. Lot’s on the burner. My new book’s being released on Amazon – should be next month. Born For Worship: The Best You Can Be In Worship Ministry. Check it out or even be a part of the launch team by going to Your teammates may find it worth talking about, too. Good stuff.

Well, blessings on your year. May your notes be on pitch perfect and your timing spot-on! Have incredible impact for the Kingdom of God, as you transform and grow, and present your living and holy sacrifice of worship to our King!

See you soon!

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