Hello World from Tim the Worship Guy

I never set out to be a blogger, and still don’t.

Being someone so interesting that a significant number of people can’t wait to catch the subtle nuances of every phrase I write – yech!

Perhaps I don’t take myself seriously enough to be quite that arrogant.

Still, there are some worthwhile reasons for us to get to know each other.

After 30+ years serving in Worship World, I have picked up a few things about leading,  training, and equipping that may be worth a read. It’s probably helped that I like researching and learning – my dozen or so degrees and certifications are weirdly diverse, including English, Pyrotechnics, Communications, Life Coaching, Speaking, Game Theory, Computer Programming, Stage Combat, Music, Seminary, and Studio Audio Engineering, and I can’t recall what else off the top of my head.

I’ve served in volunteer, bi-vocational, and full time positions in small, medium, large, and multi-site churches. Somewhere in all that I taught high school and also ran my own advertising agency.

I’ve been at it a while.

What really makes the joy cells in my brain start buzzing is when I see lights go on in someone’s eyes as they discover something that shifts their whole paradigm. Epiphany. When it all comes together in that “Aha!” moment.

Hearing things like, “Now I get it – this changes everything!”

“You know what I’m discovering about myself?”

“Everyone from our church should be in this room hearing this right now!”

“I really can do this!”

Yep, that’s the good stuff for me. Better than a great stroke on the golf course.

So what can you get by reading my posts?

I’m brain-dumping some of the gold from those years of my life I’ve invested in helping others help others. The kind of lessons I’ve paid deeply to learn. (And, as it goes, so have the people who served under me.) There’s value there. Challenges.

Perhaps you have already surpassed me along your own journey. You may read my content, smile and say, “Oh how cute. I remember when I learned that.”

But also, perhaps, you’ll read something that helps trigger an “Oh, yeah!” connection between what you’ve experienced and where you want to grow. That’s my goal.

Plus hopefully we’ll share more that a few smiles along the way.

So I invite you consider occasionally stopping in for a visit.

In addition to leadership and worship stuff, I’ll review related products, update you about my (real) writing projects, and give you a low-down on some of the many conferences and workshops I attend. I’ll write about life stuff, too, like searching with my wife Anita for our new church home in Sarasota, where we intend to land in a couple of months.

From my background, you may have assumed that I’m a person of faith, and you’d be right. I’m not really religious—actually, I sometimes struggle with being downright irreligious and politically incorrect—but I embrace walking deeply with my Lord. So you’d be making a safe bet that you’ll see some of that mixed in here as well.

Of course, I’d love to hear from you and turn a one-way post into an actual conversation. Maybe that’s part of why I’m doing this, too, for a sense of connection. I can go with that.

I can hardly think of something worse than discovering after a life pouring myself out to create an environment, invitation, and opportunity for people to breathe more deeply in what life is all about, that I missed the boat. Swinging at the wind. Playing on a guitar that made no sound. Having no impact. For me, that would be worse than pointless.

And now as I have transitioned from full-time church ministry into focusing on writing and connecting with church leaders and teams mainly in the areas of worship and growth, I cannot help but get excited about the coming time of deepening impact.

I’m trusting that you want to make a difference in the lives of others, too. And I’m convinced that together, we can touch more lives more deeply. (And speaking about touching more lives, please feel free to like and share this post!)

In the meantime, I’ll include anything that I think may nudge your noggin or brighten your day.

Fair enough?


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